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White grouse hunting in the autumn - an unforgettable nature experience in untouched wilderness.

Ripjakt med hund

We hunt white grouse in the mountains or search for white grouse and great grouse close to the mountains.

We have high requirements on our dogs and we are only hunting with well-qualified standing bird dog/setter. Hunting in the autumn for white grouse is a unique experience!

Here you have it all - speed and excitement, the teamwork between dog and his owner, the wilderness and the mountains in the autumn with all of its beautiful colours.

Best hunting period: 25/8-15/10

Ripjakt på fjäll

Grouse hunting with your own dog

We have many hunting grounds were we can offer you to hunt yourself with your own dog. We also have hunting grounds we rent out for whole weeks were our guests get exclusive hunting during their stay. Welcome to contact us for more information!

Bird hunting

For our grouse hunting we have total approximately 50.000 hectare private hunting-ground in various natures.

For our grouse hunting can we leave almost 100 percent guarantee of getting an opportunity to shoot.

Ripjakt fjäll

Ripjakt höstfjäll

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